Electronic Arts has introduced a fresh Squad Building Challenge to FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, igniting excitement as we edge closer to the highly anticipated Team of the Season event!



Background of Pundit Picks Wharton SBC


As Ultimate Team enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first set of blue cards, EA has introduced a fresh Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to engage players in the meantime.


The Pundit Picks version of Adam Wharton, the promising Crystal Palace midfielder, is the latest addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team. For those looking to incorporate this rising star into their lineup, we've sourced the most cost-effective solutions for completing the SBC.



Recently, EA unveiled the Pundit Picks SBC featuring Adam Wharton, who earned his special card following an impressive display against Liverpool, one of the Premier League's top contenders. Despite the unexpected result, Wharton's outstanding midfield performance was a silver lining and signaled his potential as a valuable asset for Crystal Palace and a talent to watch in the Premier League.



Card Attributes & PlayStyles+


The latest card for the player from Palace is nothing short of impressive, boasting an overall rating of 88. This card comes with a remarkable array of attributes: 88 pace, 90 passing, 91 dribbling, 87 defending, and 90 physicality, positioning him as an exceptional choice for the defensive midfield role.


EA has further enhanced Wharton's capabilities by awarding him a five-star rating for his weak foot, alongside the addition of two innovative PlayStyles+: Long Ball Pass+ and Press Proven+.



SBC Requirements & Squad Building Tips


Understanding the player type you're set to recruit is crucial. Here's a breakdown of the most cost-effective methods to complete the Pundit Picks Wharton Squad Building Challenge (SBC).


  • Squad Composition Essentials:
  • At least one player from the Premier League must be included in your Starting 11.
  • The squad's overall rating should be at least 86.
  • Your squad must consist of 11 players.


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