Complete Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil With squalane and hemi-squalane, this scalp oil is hydrating but washes out easily, never leaving buildup behind. Not only does it help detox the scalp, but the strengthening ingrents reduce breakage for compromised strands. Try leaving it on overnight for a deep scalp refresh. Attendees included New York-based stylist Sierra Rena, and Love Island stars Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack, to name a few. Instantly intrigued and overcome with FOMO, I found myself reaching for my Sephora app to add some products to my cart. Why not have screenings available at grocery stores and pharmacies? I want to see a pop-up Dior Shoes Outlet shop, like a Sephora, she says. Everyone in this room shares some of the same business pressures, and I think many of us also fear the threat of AI to our work. This is what makes this night so special, where we can come together as a community and celebrate true innovation. Congratulations to all of the winners. 12 Best Travel Hair Dryers to Take on Your Next Vacation When you're traveling, the last thing you need is another thing to pack, especially one of your many hot tools. There are so many reasons why you might be tempted to knock hair dryers off of your packing list: they're heavy and bulky, they take up space that could be filled by another cute pair of shoes or more of your favorite makeup products, and you can always use the hotel hair dryer in a pinch鈥ight? We hate to break it to you, but if you're someone who needs that perfect blow dry every time you wash your hair, nothing beats bringing your ownespecially considering how many people use the same hotel blow dryer. Hotel hair dryers are full of bacteria if the hair dryers aren't cleaned regularly, says Julien Farel, hairstylist and founder of Julien Farel Restore Salon, Spa & Fitness in New York City. I thought that type of trauma was reserved for survivors of physical abuse or violence. It's Crace's go-to for detangling and styling her and her clients' hair, and it includes features that help curls pop. This paddle brush has ridges on the sides that aid in defining curls while you detanglegame changer! The dual bristle also helps to prevent frizz for a longer-lasting wash-and-go style, Crace says. As editors, we've had the pleasure of testing just about every new concealer, bronzer, lipstick, and eyeshadow stick out there, and we've separated the wheat from the chaff. In other words, we may have encountered some duds over the years, but we've also found our favorite makeup products of all time. This collection of mascaras, setting powders, and more have earned permanent spots in our beauty bagsand that's quite an impressive feat.