WILLSTRONG®, a pioneering leader in facade products since 1995, has successfully completed the Shamsa Mall project in Russia. Known for its high-quality aluminum composite panels, fire-resistant composites, and unique aluminum honeycomb systems, WILLSTRONG® continues to set industry standards. As one of China's TOP 100 facade solutions companies, WILLSTRONG®'s involvement in the Shamsa Mall project highlights their commitment to excellence and innovation in architectural facades.


Project Overview

Project Name: Shamsa Mall, Russia

Material: FR6340/6341 Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

Application: Curtain

Quantity: 6800m²

Completion: 2020


Innovative Facade Solutions with Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panels

For the Shamsa Mall project, WILLSTRONG® supplied 6800 square meters of their advanced FR6340/6341 Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panels. These panels are renowned for their dynamic color-changing properties, which add a vibrant and modern aesthetic to any building facade. The use of chameleon panels not only enhances the visual appeal of the structure but also showcases the innovative capabilities of WILLSTRONG® in providing unique and high-performance facade solutions.


The Significance of Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panels

Chameleon aluminum composite panels are a cutting-edge material known for their ability to change color when viewed from different angles or under varying lighting conditions. This effect is achieved through a specialized coating process that reflects and refracts light, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The benefits of using chameleon panels in facade design include:

Aesthetic Appeal: The dynamic color changes make the building stand out, creating a striking visual impact that draws attention and adds value to the property.

Durability: These panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, chameleon panels can be used in various architectural styles and designs.


Application in Shamsa Mall

The application of chameleon aluminum composite panels in the curtain wall of Shamsa Mall demonstrates the versatility and aesthetic potential of these materials. The panels provide the mall with a distinctive and modern facade that captivates visitors and enhances the overall shopping experience. By incorporating these advanced materials, WILLSTRONG® has transformed Shamsa Mall into a landmark structure that exemplifies contemporary architectural design.


WILLSTRONG®: A Legacy of Excellence

Since its establishment in 1995, WILLSTRONG® has been at the forefront of facade product innovation. The company's extensive product portfolio includes:

Aluminum Composite Panels: Known for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, these panels are widely used in modern architectural designs.

Fire-Resistant Composites: Designed to meet stringent safety standards, these materials provide enhanced fire resistance without compromising on aesthetics.

Aluminum Honeycomb Systems: Offering exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, these systems are ideal for applications requiring lightweight yet robust materials.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

WILLSTRONG®'s involvement in the Shamsa Mall project underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative facade solutions. By continuously investing in research and development, WILLSTRONG® ensures that their products meet the evolving needs of the architectural and construction industries. Their focus on sustainability, performance, and aesthetic excellence makes them a preferred choice for architects and builders worldwide.



The successful completion of the Shamsa Mall facade project in Russia is a testament to WILLSTRONG®'s expertise and dedication to innovation in facade products. The use of FR6340/6341 Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panels has not only enhanced the mall's visual appeal but also demonstrated the company's ability to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. As WILLSTRONG® continues to lead the industry with their advanced facade systems, they remain committed to shaping the future of architectural design.


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