Introduction About Anthony Barylla

Anthony Barylla is a dedicated and dynamic presence on the soccer field, known for his prowess as a right-back. Born on June 1, 1997, in Germany, Barylla has honed his skills to become a vital player for Erzgebirge Aue, a club competing in the 3. Liga. With an unwavering commitment to the game, he has grown into a formidable defender admired for his tactical intelligence and physicality.

In the world of German football, Barylla's name is synonymous with reliability and defensive strength. He brings a combination of speed, agility, and tactical acumen to his team, making him a standout right-back. His ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions has earned him accolades from coaches and fans alike. As a player, Anthony is recognized for his ability to contribute both defensively and offensively, often participating in build-up plays and providing support to his forwards.

Off the pitch, Anthony is known for his work ethic and professionalism. He's continuously working to improve his skills and understand the nuances of the game, striving to reach the pinnacle of his potential. His dedication to football is evident in every match he plays, as he consistently demonstrates the qualities that make a right-back not just good, but exceptional. With a bright future ahead of him, Anthony Barylla continues to cement his reputation as a top-tier defender in Germany's 3. Liga.

Anthony Barylla's Rare card

In the dynamic realm of virtual football, Anthony Barylla's Rare card emerges as a solid choice for managers looking to bolster their defensive lineup. As a Right Back with an overall rating of 64, Barylla brings a balance of speed and physicality to the pitch, with a pace rating of 69 and an impressive physicality rating of 75. While his shooting and passing may be modest at 46 and 56 respectively, his defensive capabilities are not to be underestimated, thanks to a defense rating of 60. This card's attributes suggest that Barylla can be a robust addition to any team, providing the resilience needed to withstand opposing attacks while also possessing the agility to support forward pushes, potentially creating scoring opportunities and locking down victories with strategic plays from the backline.

How to Obtain Anthony Barylla's Player Card

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