Jiangsu Shilter Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of CNC machine tool equipment. The company's main products include: EDM punching machines, wire EDM machines, EDM forming machines, diamond wire cutting machines and other CNC equipment.

Application scope

1.It is suitable for processing deep holes with a diameter of 0.15mm-3mm in various conductive materials such as stainless steel, quenched steel, copper, aluminum, and cemented carbide. It can directly penetrate into and process irregularly shaped surfaces such as inclined surfaces and curved surfaces.

2.Mainly used for processing small micropores on molds and threading holes, spinneret holes of chemical fiber spinnerets and spinnerets, group holes of filter plates and sieve plates, heat dissipation holes of discharge motor blades and cylinders, and hydraulic and pneumatic valves. It can also be used to remove drill bits and taps that are broken in the workpiece without damaging the original holes or threads.

3.Use pure water or tap water as processing coolant.

Machine tool performance characteristics

1.Lathe bed structure: box-shaped design and careful rib support. The carriage and columns are made of HT200 castings. The bed is thick, rigid and does not change shape.

2.Linear guide rail: Taiwan linear guide rail, full-stroke support design, precision maintenance and longer lasting.

3.Precision ball screw: X/Y/Z three-axis configuration is Taiwan precision ball screw.

4.X, Y motors: Subdivided or hybrid servo motor drives further improve machine tool processing accuracy. Advanced non-damping protection eliminates the need for backlash compensation and prevents machine tools from crawling.

5.Z-axis motor: Using a subdivided stepper motor (hybrid servo), it has fast lifting speed and high sensitivity. The entire stroke only takes about 10 seconds, which greatly reduces the waiting time and greatly improves the efficiency.

6.The W-axis machine head travel adopts electric lifting.

7.Workbench: Mobile double-slat bracket fixture, which facilitates workpiece clamping and reduces power consumption; it is made of grade 0 high-precision marble.

8.Lubrication system: Convenient oil lubrication method, safe and reliable, maintains sufficient lubrication for mechanical movement, better maintains machine tool accuracy and extends machine tool service life.

9.Taiwan rotating head: The motor rotating head is designed in an integrated manner, using carbide tungsten steel grinding discs and multiple sealing and waterproof technologies. It is connected to the chuck using a tapered sleeve to ensure the rotation concentricity of the chuck.

10.The maximum Z-axis stroke is 400mm, which can clamp 500mm long electrodes at one time, and the waste of electrode tubes is low.

11.Zhejiang University Julin Control System: Using Linux operating system, it runs fast and can process massive data at the same time. The encoded signal realizes the management of CNC process database files, CAD, 3B codes and other engineering files.

12.Control host: (1) Sufficient hardware configuration inside the industrial control computer: it can be effectively realized, programming and control are completed in one time-sharing; the processing trajectory can be tracked and displayed in real time. (2) The host performance is stable and can work continuously for 365 days. And it is equipped with RS232 interface, USB interface, network card interface, keyboard and mouse.

13.The anti-interference touch industrial control display screen has high resolution and is resistant to electromagnetic interference. During the processing process, the processing trajectory can be clearly tracked and displayed, completely solving the phenomenon of screen blur, screen shaking and black screen.

14.Circuit system: modular design, machine tool electrical appliances, high-frequency power supply, CNC system, scientific integration. The whole machine has a compact structure, reasonable layout, strong anti-interference, good reliability, environmental protection, energy saving, ergonomic specifications, and emphasis on user-friendly standards.

15.Pulse power supply: high performance, high power, effectively achieves high efficiency, micro-hole processing, and can efficiently process various types of mold steel, aluminum materials, copper materials, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, cemented carbide, conductive ceramics, and superconducting thermal materials .

16.Electrical control testing: All components on the system control board are strictly screened for aging. Full load 40℃, continuous 100 hours; impact load 50℃, intermittent 100 hours.

17.The digital high frequency replaces the traditional analog high frequency, which is more accurate; the PWM dedicated pulse output port eliminates the DIP switch, which is more stable; the high frequency soft start function ensures no burrs on the processed surface.

18.The processing hole information system input by the user is saved in the storage medium of the system in the form of a file for the user to use multiple times to avoid frequent input after turning off the power. And it can save multiple processing hole information, and the original processing can be re-edited and saved.

19.For multiple hole processing, the CNC system can add hole information in two ways: (1). Add hole information one by one, which is suitable for adding scattered and irregularly distributed holes. (2). The formula adds hole information, which is suitable for hole information with certain distribution rules. Hole information can be changed, added, or deleted at any time according to processing needs, and the processing order of holes can be adjusted.

20.In the unprocessed state, the processing trajectory line can be displayed in the hole position indication area to simulate the processing sequence.

21.During multi-hole processing, you can forcibly exit the current hole processing and move to the next hole for processing.

22.During the processing, if the electrode is consumed, the Z-axis will automatically rise to a certain position. After manually replacing the electrode, click the recovery button to automatically restore the processing state, which is convenient and efficient.

23.It comes with an expert process library. You only need to input the workpiece material, electrode diameter, processing requirements and other conditions, and the processing parameters will be automatically retrieved. You can also manually adjust the hole processing parameters.

24.It has the functions of automatic centering, automatic edge finding, and automatic workpiece surface finding.

25.Precise depth control, automatically detects electrode loss, and can also manually set electrode loss.

26.Penetration is automatically detected, and depth coordinates can also be set manually.

27.Manual-automatic integrated processing method, the XY axis is automatically locked after positioning and can be unlocked manually.