The 3.5-4 over/under bet, also known as the 3.75 over/under bet, is a popular choice in football betting. This type of bet is particularly appealing to many punters on various sports betting platforms. But what exactly is the 3.5-4 over/under bet, and how can you read it accurately? This article will explain everything you need to know about this bet, from its definition to the best strategies for placing it.

What is Football Betting?

Football betting is an entertaining form of wagering that is loved by many, available in both online and offline formats. In this activity, players place bets with reputable bookmakers on football matches. These matches must be either currently ongoing or scheduled to occur within a certain time frame.

When the referee's whistle blows to signal the end of the match, your betting odds are automatically recorded by the system. If the odds you placed match the actual score of the game, you win. The bookmaker will then award you the predetermined amount of prize money.

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What is the 3.5-4 Over/Under Bet?

The 3.5-4 over/under bet, sometimes referred to as the 3.75 over/under, typically appears in major football matches such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League. This bet is common in matches where attacking play is prevalent.

In a 3.75 over/under bet, the focus is not on which team wins but rather on the total number of goals scored by both teams combined. Here's how it works:

If you predict that the total number of goals will be higher than 3.75, you place a bet on "Over."

If you predict that the total number of goals will be lower than 3.75, you place a bet on "Under."

The outcome of this bet is determined within the 90 minutes of regular play plus any stoppage time but does not include extra time.

How to Read the 3.75 Over/Under Bet Correctly

Reading this bet is straightforward once you understand the basics. Here's how you can interpret it:

Total Goals 5 or More: If the match ends with a total of 5 or more goals, a bet on "Over" wins, while a bet on "Under" loses.

Total Goals Exactly 4: If the match ends with exactly 4 goals, a bet on "Over" wins half the stake, and a bet on "Under" loses half the stake.

Total Goals 3 or Fewer: If the match ends with 3 or fewer goals, a bet on "Under" wins, and a bet on "Over" loses.

Calculating Wins and Losses for the 3.5-4 Over/Under Bet

The method for calculating wins and losses for this type of bet is straightforward. You simply analyze and predict the total number of goals scored by both teams during the regular time and compare it to the bookmaker's line. If your prediction is correct, you win according to the payout rate set by the bookmaker. Let's look at an example:

Consider a match between Melbourne City FC U21 and Western United U21 where the bookmaker sets the 3.5-4 over/under line at odds of 0.93. Suppose the final score is Melbourne City FC U21 3 – 2 Western United U21, making the total number of goals 5. The outcomes would be:

If you bet 100K on "Over 4," your winnings would be 100K x 0.93 = 93K.

If you bet 100K on "Under," you would lose your entire stake of 100K.

Tips for Betting on the 3.5-4 Over/Under Bet

While the 3.5-4 over/under bet might seem simple, it can be risky, especially in high-profile matches. Here are some tips to help you place successful bets:

Research the Match: Start by gathering information about the match, including the teams involved, their current form, line-ups, past performances, and head-to-head records. Reliable information can usually be found online but ensure that your sources are credible.

Analyze and Time Your Bet: Proper analysis of betting odds is crucial. Websites offering betting tips can provide valuable insights into which bets have higher winning probabilities. It's also advisable not to rush into placing a bet. Observe the first 15-20 minutes of the match to get a better sense of how the game is unfolding.

Monitor the Bookmaker's Odds: Before the match, bookmakers release odds tables for consideration. According to experts, the best time to analyze these odds is right after they are released. Pay attention to how these odds fluctuate to make an informed decision.

Stay Calm and Composed: Your mindset can greatly influence your bookmaker toolbetting betting decisions. Stay calm and rational, avoiding impulsive bets. Bookmakers often use tactics to sway punters with tempting but risky bets. Stay focused and analytical to avoid falling into these traps.

The 3.5-4 over/under bet can be a lucrative opportunity if you understand how it works and have a strategic approach. While the high odds can come with significant risks, being well-informed and strategic can help you make the best betting decisions. Best of luck, and may your betting endeavors be successful!