EA Sports has introduced an exciting new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to the FC 24 Ultimate Team, celebrating the Serie A Team of the Season (TOTS). Albert Gudmundsson, the formidable striker from Genoa, has been honored with a significant boost in his in-game stats.

Ultimate Team enthusiasts now have the opportunity to recruit the stellar Icelandic forward into their ranks by completing a simple SBC that requires only one team submission.

The latest addition to the Ultimate Team comes as a part of the ongoing TOTS festivities, with Gudmundsson earning his spot after a standout season that saw him play a crucial role in 18 Serie A goals.

The TOTS event continues to roll out new content, and Gudmundsson's impressive performance has been recognized with the coveted blue card that players can now strive to obtain.

Player Review and Attributes

Electronic Arts has rewarded the Icelandic striker with a phenomenal Team of the Season (TOTS) card, boasting an impressive overall rating of 94. This card features outstanding attributes such as a blistering 99 pace, a sharpshooting 92 rating, an adept 88 passing, a silky-smooth 94 dribbling, and a robust 90 physicality.

Boasting a four-star rating for both his weak foot and skill moves, Gudmundsson stands out as a versatile forward with exceptional attributes. He is equipped with three notable PlayStyles+: Flair+, Quick Step+, and Trivela+, which enhance his performance on the pitch. These abilities make him an excellent choice not only as a forward but also as a midfielder on either flank.

SBC Requirements

To successfully complete the Team of the Season (TOTS) Gudmundsson Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must adhere to the following criteria for their squad:

  • Include at least one player from Serie A TIM within the starting lineup.
  • Ensure the presence of a minimum of one TOTS or Team of the Week (TOTW) player in the starting eleven.
  • The squad must have a minimum overall rating of 84.
  • The total number of players in the squad should be 11.

Squad Solution and Cost


By completing the straightforward Squad Building Challenge (SBC), you gain the opportunity to acquire TOTS Albert Gudmundsson, thereby enhancing your Ultimate Team with the addition of the Genoa striker.

Ideal for a powerful substitute, the SBC for Gudmundsson is a steal at just 29k coins .


Are you planning to include TOTS Gudmundsson in your Ultimate Team roster? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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