A fresh promotional wave has hit the FIFA gaming community, with EA Sports launching an exciting series of international football-themed content. The celebration kicks off with the introduction of the 'Greats of the Game' and 'Path to Glory' player cards, now available in packs for players to discover.

Over 40 player cards have been infused into the game, accessible through pack openings, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), and various in-game Objectives. Adding to the excitement, EA Sports has unveiled two new Evolution player options, with the highlight being the EURO Attackers Evolution, which players can obtain at no extra cost.

The recent addition to the FIFA 24 content roster is a fresh Evolution player card that gamers can upgrade without spending a dime. This feature has quickly become a fan favorite since its initial release alongside the game, bringing a unique flair to each Ultimate Team as players take advantage of the opportunity to evolve their squads with different talents.

Requirements for EURO Attackers Evolution

Join us as we delve into the essentials for the EURO Attackers Evolution in FC 24, highlighting the criteria your players must meet to qualify. We'll also recommend a trio of players that stand out as prime candidates for evolution. Additionally, we'll outline the tasks you need to complete to earn your rewards.

Firstly, let's explore the prerequisites for evolving your EURO Attacker:

  • The player's overall rating should not exceed 87.
  • They must belong to the UEFA EURO Festival of Football Academy rarity.
  • A maximum of 7 PlayStyles is permitted for each player.
  • Only one PlayStyle+ is allowed.

Choosing the right player is crucial. Whether you opt for a favorite from your personal club roster or aim to transform a player into a formidable force on the field, the decision is pivotal. Remember, after selecting a player for evolution, there's no turning back, so choose with care.

With these guidelines in mind, you're now equipped to embark on the EURO Attackers Evolution journey, enhancing your squad's capabilities and reaping the rewards of your strategic choices.

Top Picks for EURO Attackers Evolution

In this guide, we're showcasing two standout choices for your EURO Attackers Evolution that will elevate your team's performance to new heights!

  • Firstly, we spotlight Karim Adeyemi, whose lightning speed is a key highlight on his upgraded card. With an evolution from 87 to a staggering 95 Overall Rating, Adeyemi boasts an array of impressive attributes: a perfect 99 in pace, 91 in shooting, 85 in passing, 93 in dribbling, and 82 in physical strength.

  • Our second recommendation is the Italian forward, Ciro Immobile, whose transformation in the EURO Attackers Evolution is nothing short of remarkable. Upon evolution, Immobile soars to a 95 Overall Rating, complemented by 96 pace, a near-perfect 97 shooting, 86 passing, 90 dribbling, and 86 physical. His card is further enhanced by the addition of the Power Shot+ and Technical+ PlayStyles+ traits, making him a formidable force on the pitch.

Remember, to take part in this evolution, players must be Festival of Football Academy items, so make sure your picks meet the criteria to benefit from these powerful upgrades.

Challenges and Rewards - Level 1

Upon choosing the forward you wish to enhance, it's time to delve into the tasks required to boost their overall rating by 8 points.

Embark on the EURO Attackers Evolution journey with the following steps:

  • Initial Tier Objectives:

  • Participate in a minimum of three matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions competitions on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, ensuring your chosen Evolution player is actively competing.

  • Secure victories in at least two matches within the Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions modes on Semi-Pro difficulty or above with your Evolution player in the lineup.

  • Rewards for Completing Initial Tier:

  • Increase Speed attributes by 3 points.

  • Enhance Shooting abilities by 3 points.

  • Improve Passing skills with a boost of 4 points.

  • Elevate Dribbling technique by 7 points.

  • Adopt the Tiki Taka PlayStyle for your player.

Challenges and Rewards - Level 2

Elevate your EVO attacker's prowess with these Level 2 Challenges and Rewards:

  • Net a trio of goals with your chosen EVO star in either Squad Battles or competitive modes like Rivals/Champions, ensuring the difficulty is set to at least Semi-Pro.
  • Secure victory in four matches across Squad Battles or the Rivals/Champions arena, with your EVO talent actively participating, and again, on a difficulty not lower than Semi-Pro.

Upon conquering these challenges, your EVO attacker will receive a significant boost, enhancing their on-pitch impact:

  • Their pace will surge with an additional +4 points.
  • Shooting accuracy and power will be amplified with a +5 increase.
  • Defensive capabilities will be strengthened, also gaining +5 points.
  • The player's weaker foot will become more reliable, improving by +1 star.
  • Additionally, they'll master the Power Shot, adding a new dimension to their playstyle.

Challenges and Rewards - Level 3

Advancing to Level 3:

  • Participate in a minimum of 4 matches within the Rivals or Champions leagues, ensuring your evolving (EVO) player is actively competing.

  • Secure victories in 5 matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, with the difficulty set to at least Semi-Pro, featuring your EVO player on the field.

  • Achieve 6 goals in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches, with the difficulty not dipping below Semi-Pro, courtesy of your EVO player's efforts.

Level 3 Advancement Perks:

  • Enhancement in Passing Abilities: Increase of +4

  • Boost in Physical Attributes: Additional +7

  • Upgrade in Skill Moves: Increment of +1*

  • Acquisition of 'Trickster' PlayStyle

  • Attainment of 'Press Proven' PlayStyle

  • Elevation to 'Technical' PlayStyle+


Upon successfully conquering each of the tasks associated with this Evolution, your player will experience an impressive surge, ascending by +8 in their Overall Rating!

Are you planning to undertake this complimentary Evolution journey? Share your intentions in the comment section below.

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