Despite the excitement around FC 24's latest content drops, including the Path to Glory and Greats of the Game players now available in packs, there's a growing sense of frustration within the FC 24 gaming community. Players are voicing their concerns over a newly discovered glitch that's affecting gameplay.

The Core Issue

Recent updates to FC 24 have largely addressed previous bugs and glitches, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. However, the latest Festival of Football Update has introduced a new issue that's causing frustration among the player base, particularly in Ultimate Team matches.

A topic of heated discussion has emerged on a Reddit forum, where numerous FC 24 enthusiasts are voicing their concerns about a bug affecting the PlayStyles+ feature. The issue arises when opponents in Ultimate Team have identical players on their rosters. In such matchups, it appears that only the player belonging to the home team benefits from the PlayStyles+ abilities.

To illustrate, in a scenario where both competitors have Showdown Joselu on their teams, the home side's Joselu retains the advantage of enhanced abilities like Power Shot+, First Touch+, and Aerial+. This imbalance leaves the away side at a significant disadvantage, disrupting the competitive fairness of the match.

Community Reactions

The widespread use of certain cards in FC 24 has highlighted a pressing issue, as players frequently encounter the same line-ups when competing in Ultimate Team.

  • A Reddit user by the handle @ample4ths expressed their frustration, noting a specific problem with finesse shots: "I kept thinking I was pressing the button wrong or was positioned incorrectly. It's mainly happening with finesse shots."

A flurry of responses emerged from players who had an epiphany, realizing they weren't alone in their confusion over the underperformance of their players when utilizing PlayStyles+. With the problem now recognized, there's a growing chorus of voices insisting on a swift resolution.

  • Another user, @ricolausvonmyra, highlighted the severity of the bug: "It's a game-breaking bug, and yet there doesn't seem to be enough noise from the community about it."

Urgent Call for a Fix

Electronic Arts has been actively rolling out new player cards that have caught the attention of the gaming community, with a special Evolution card released for free just before the EURO 2024 and Copa America events. This has led to a widespread integration of these cards in gameplay. However, a persistent bug threatens to undermine the experience, potentially placing half of the Ultimate Team players at a disadvantage during away matches if the issue remains unresolved.

Engagement Invitation

Are you among those who've encountered the glitch within FC 24's Ultimate Team? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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