For veterinarians and pet owners around the world struggling to effectively treat flea and tick infestations, a breakthrough new active pharmaceutical ingredient may offer relief. Developed by leading API manufacturer Qingmu Pharmaceutical, afoxolaner represents the next generation of veterinary parasite control.


A Potent New Chemical Entity

Afoxolaner is a member of the isoxazoline class ofparasiticides. Unlike earlier generations of flea and tick treatments such as pyrethroids, organophosphates and amidines, isoxazolines like afoxolaner target a unique binding site on insect GABA receptors. This novel mechanism of action provides effective control of fleas and ticks that have developed resistance to other chemical classes.

As an antagonist of the GABA receptor, afoxolaner induces uncontrolled activity in the central nervous system of parasites, leading to death. Its potent and lasting activity means a single low dose is sufficient to control fleas and ticks for a full month. This longer duration between treatments improves compliance for pet owners versus alternatives requiring more frequent dosing.


Trusted API Manufacturing Partner

Qingmu Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer with over a decade of experience producing high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients. Their afoxolaner API unit holds international GMP certifications from regulatory agencies including the FDA, NMPA and MFDS. Strict quality controls are in place to ensure each batch meets tight specifications for identity, purity and impurities.

As the primary supplier of NexGard, Qingmu has commercial manufacturing capacity and a proven track record of reliable supply. Their experts in process R&D have optimized the synthetic route and scaled it up for industrial volumes. On-site analytical technologies like HPLC, GC-MS and particle size analysis enable robust quality testing.

Helping Pets Stay Healthy Worldwide

Through their afoxolaner API, Qingmu helps generics companies and veterinary pharmaceutical formulas deliver an important new weapon against parasites. Available formulations incorporating this API currently treat over 50 million dogs per year across six continents. By maintaining an uninterrupted supply chain, Qingmu plays a vital role in global pet wellness.

Veterinarians can feel confident recommending Qingmu's afoxolaner API, knowing it provides the same protection as the leading brand. And pet owners everywhere benefit from access to effective, affordable parasite control tailored to their local markets. In this way, Qingmu contributes to improving animal health on a massive scale.

If you're a company developing new flea and tick medications, consider Qingmu as your strategic API partner. Leverage their development expertise, proven manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality. Let the next generation of parasite control begin with afoxolaner from Qingmu Pharmaceutical.