Understanding how to calculate money in online football betting can be a challenging task that leaves many bettors scratching their heads. Sometimes, players want to check if the betting platform offers accurate rewards, but they don't know the specific calculation formula. Today, to make it easier for bettors, Wintips will guide you through the simplest way to calculate betting money. This win betting tips experience is being used in most online betting platforms nationwide.

Detailed Guide on How to Calculate Money in Football Betting from A to Z

Currently, there are many different types of betting odds in online football betting.

You need to base your chosen betting method to calculate wins and losses as well as the amount of money you will lose. Here are the most specific and easiest guides on how to calculate money in football betting.

How to Calculate Money in Football Betting

Revealing how to calculate money in football betting when winning

In online football betting, the bettor's victory is divided into full and half wins. Based on that, the method of calculating money will also differ for each betting match.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap or handicap betting, calculates the amount of money based on the odds of each betting match. According to this positive and negative ratio, the actual amount of money that the betting platform receives from bettors differs from other types of betting odds. The method of calculating wins and losses also varies accordingly for each betting match.

Note in this type of bet: Original money = Bet amount x Odds ratio.

Full win: If you win the whole match, the amount of reward that bettors receive will be:

Bet money = Original money x Win odds ratio

Half win: Half win means the bettor wins half the amount from the betting platform. The amount of winnings that bettors receive from the platform will be calculated as follows:

Bet money = (Bet ratio x Bet amount) / 2

Full loss: Losing is something no bettor wants to happen. If you lose the entire match, the bettor will lose all the betting money placed on the platform.

Loss money = Bet money

Half loss: The amount of money that bettors lose to the platform will be calculated as follows:

Loss money = (Bet amount x Odds ratio) / 2

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting means that bettors will rely on the initial assessment from the betting platform to predict the final outcome, whether it will be Over or Under. Basically:

When the match ends with only a total of 2 goals scored, those who bet on Under will win, while those who bet on Over will lose. The odds ratio is 2.5, which many bettors choose to bet on.


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With odds ratio 1/4, when bettors choose to bet on Over and the score is only 2 goals, bettors will lose half of the bet. But if one more goal is scored, bettors will win in this betting round.

The odds ratio of 2 3/4 is the most difficult betting ratio in this type of bet. When betting on many goals as Over but winning, bettors only receive half of the betting money. However, when the match has 3 goals or more, bettors can participate in betting with this ratio.

Experience in Participating in Winning Football Betting

Football betting is still considered an entertainment activity where luck will determine the victory. Of course, the other half depends on the skill and experience of the bettor. Here are the necessary experiences for bettors in the football betting arena.

Research the Match

Studying the match is one of the first steps that bettors can hope to bring in a large prize. Only when bettors thoroughly research the match they bet on, can they be accurate. Typically, studying the match includes: players, head-to-head history, form, etc.

Analyze the Betting Odds

Analyzing the betting odds that the betting platform offers is a secret that experts use to predict betting matches. The odds that the betting platform offers high or low are related to accuracy. High odds with easy betting usually result in failure in each football betting match. On the other hand, bets with low odds are often much easier to win.

Note on How to Calculate Money in Football Betting

To calculate the betting money, bettors need to understand the accurate rules set by the betting platform. Each match and each betting platform have different regulations for each betting match. So it is impossible to apply universally if bettors participate in many different betting platforms. Basically, the calculation formulas at different betting platforms are the same. However, bettors need to differentiate between different types of bets to calculate accurately. Finally, choose reputable betting platforms that ensure security. So we don't have to recalculate the betting money after each betting round.

The method of calculating money in football betting is shared in great detail, specifically, and most importantly. By applying these formulas, bettors can calculate their wins and losses and check the credibility of the betting platform. Verify with the bets you have placed during betting to know the results.

Above is a comprehensive compilation of all the information needed on how to calculate money in bookmaker sites, extremely easy to understand. Hopefully, this article has helped answer many questions in the betting playground and drawn some experiences in analyzing betting odds. Wishing you success in your betting participation and may your wallet always be full.